Six Types Of Writers

6types of writersI came across this on the net a long time ago . There’s a full analysis of each of these six types of writers at, and the Writer and Blogger Alexei Maxim Russel is the originator of the above meme. I really enjoyed this the first time I saw it. And I kept it and often found myself looking over it again and again. I thought it not inaccurate at all when it comes to a generalization (nothing more) of the various categories of scriveners one comes across in the world of writers. As with most of these categories they only work to an extent, but they might serve as a compass along the often uncertain routes of a writing life. If there is anything the meme teaches its this: don’t be bitter. Writing is incredibly difficult. Too many people think that a few years and a few novels a writer makes. Not at all. Don’t be fooled. Follow your own dreams. The one true measure of a successful writer is that s/he always remained true to their artistic vision, and the only way to do that is to love what you do. That, a solid dose of common sense and a willingness to stick to a book till its over and sell it, and one will be fine. Oh, and have fun. Its never boring.

Ex-cleric guilty of sex assault walks free –

Nicholas Lundberg leaving CCJ, Parkgate Street, Dublin. Picture: Caroline Quinn

Nicholas Lundberg leaving CCJ, Parkgate Street, Dublin. Picture: Caroline Quinn

By Conor Feehan – 17 March 2015 03:00 AM

A former cleric has walked free from court despite pleading guilty to indecent assaulting a 10-year-old boy over 50 years ago.

Nicholas Lundberg (75), of St Werburgh in Swords, had the case against him struck out, with the facts deemed proven.

Judge Anthony Halpin said the victim had sought and received compensation from the accused a decade before making a complaint to gardai about the sexual assault.

The judge said that the victim’s “primary duty” was to report the offence to the gardai. The judge noted that the offence had not been reported to gardai in a “timely” manner.

Lundberg is the former editor of the Irish Catholic magazine.

He pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to indecent assault on a pupil at a Raheny school in 1963.

The evidence heard in the case was that when Lundberg was a 24-year-old teacher he invited his victim to his home on trust and brought him into a room which he then locked.

“He put a blindfold on me and walked me around the room, asking me to touch things like the furniture, and then told me to touch parts of him like his nose or his chin,” the victim told the Herald. “He took my hand and touched his penis with it, using it to rub him.

“He told me not to tell anyone, that he had permission from the parish priest to ‘test me’. Of course, there was no test and the priest had no idea, but I didn’t know that.”

Lundberg has no previous convictions, expressed remorse, and had pleaded guilty.

“It wasn’t until the Goldenbridge revelations broke that I realised what had happened. It hit me like a tonne of bricks,” the victim told the Herald.

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